Sixth Form Bursaries




Sutton Grammar School Sixth Form Bursaries are designed to help students from less well-off families to stay in the Sixth Form

There are two categories of bursary – Vulnerable Bursaries and Discretionary Bursaries

Vulnerable bursaries are worth £1200 per annum but go to a very limited list of students – who are in care, or receive income support in their own name or are disabled and in their own name receive a support allowance and a disability living allowance.

Discretionary bursaries are funded from a limited pot made available to the school and are available to those students in receipt of free school meals or who live in families where the combined taxable income is below £26,400 or in other exceptional circumstances (e.g. hardship caused by sudden changes to family circumstances). Payments from the bursary fund are dependent on zero unauthorised absence from classes and the completion of all work and courses. The money is intended to facilitate the purchase of text books and the other expenses of attending school such as travel and curriculum based trips. Students can apply for support at any time during the academic year before 1st May. The amount paid out by the end of December and by the end of May will depend on the number who have been deemed eligible by the 1st December or 1st May in any year. An initial payment will be made by the end of September to those awarded bursaries who have applied (with supporting evidence) by the 15th September in any given school year.

The value of these grants will depend on the number of eligible students. Previous experience suggests a typical value of £600 per annum. Any funds remaining by May will be distributed in grants of £125 to those students with the highest IDACI figure associated with their home address in the sixth form (subject to good attendance and academic effort). The intention is to distribute all the income to this fund in the same year to eligible students

You can apply for a discretionary grant if you are currently entitled to free school meals or if your family’s taxable household income is less than £26,400 per annum  (or was less than this figure in the tax year covered by the most recent P60) or for exceptional reasons that you must declare.

There is a simple form to complete to apply for either form of bursary. The bursar will need to see documentary evidence of the entitlement to receive these awards. This could be met with a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions about the receipt of benefits or P60 evidence (or equivalent) for total taxable income.

The form should be returned in a sealed envelope marked ‘Bursary application – f.a.o. the Bursar’. Information provided will be treated confidentially. Students awarded bursaries will be paid directly into their bank accounts in September, December, and May. Attendance and achievement will be checked by the Head of Sixth Form to confirm eligibility for the next payment. A bursary is awarded for one school year so a student moving from the lower sixth to the upper sixth needs to reapply at the start of the upper sixth year to confirm that he still meets the criteria.

If you have any questions please contact either the Bursar, Head of Sixth Form or Headmaster.